Build a Canoe with Duluth Folk School
December 30, 2021

Build a Canoe – Youth Program!

Our next Youth Canoe Build is coming soon – things get started on Tuesday, January 4! This canoe build takes place after school Mondays through Thursdays, from January 4 through February 17th at the First Covenant Church in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. This is a free program for youth in the area, from ages 13-18Continue Reading
Building a Canoe with Duluth Folk School
August 19, 2021

Building a Canoe: Finished!

On our final day of canoe building, we cut the strings that held the ‘skin’ (ballistic nylon) in place, trimmed the skin back to the gunwales, and made a few other final, last minute clean ups. We took the canoe for a test paddle to make sure it floated (and yes, it floats!), and we’reContinue Reading
Canoe Build July 2021-157
August 9, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 10 (and 11)

After everyone’s COVID tests came back negative (phew!), we got back to work on the final parts of the canoe build, including sizing the fabric to the skeleton of the canoe, sewing everything up, and then applying the goop! Most of the final work was done on Friday, while Dennis from Urban Boatbuilders was stillContinue Reading
Canoe Building with Duluth Folk School
August 5, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 9

Today certainly took a turn none of us were hoping for! One of the folks who has worked on the canoe over the past two weeks had a family member test positive for COVID. In an effort to be as safe as possible, we ended the youth-facing portion of the canoe build. We were sadContinue Reading
Canoe Building with Duluth Folk School
August 4, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 8

We’re in the phase of our canoe build that requires a fair amount of repetitive detail work. All the rivets are in place, we did our final steam bending, and now we’re cleaning things up. Tomorrow, we should be able to start sewing the fabric cover! This program is made possible with the generous supportContinue Reading
Canoe Building with Duluth Folk School
August 3, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 7

The weather was predicted to be calm overnight, so we gambled on being able to keep the tent up. We guessed wrong. When we arrived this morning, it was to a bit of a shambles: Fortunately, we were able to recover relatively quickly, and had everything back up and (more or less) spic-and-span before theContinue Reading
Canoe Building with Duluth Folk School
August 2, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 6

After a restful weekend, we were back to canoe building today! There were a few new faces helping us today, but mostly, everyone had already put in several days, and knew how to work on the canoe, and what needed to be done. Today, we installed the inwales, trimmed the ribs, and riveted the ribsContinue Reading
Canoe Building with Duluth Folk School
July 30, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 5

Today is the end of our first week of building a canoe! We finally turned the canoe over, we steamed the secondary ribs, and fitted all the secondary ribs into place. We’ve already lashed 99 joints, and we have another 88 or so to go. The guidance we’ve received from Dennis, from Urban Boatbuilders, hasContinue Reading
July 28, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 3

We started the day with a vaguely football-shaped big oval of wood, and started adding master ribs. The master ribs are the first real sign that this big pile of sticks is actually going to turn into a canoe! Halfway through the day, the weather forced us indoors. Fortunately, the Boys & Girls Club ofContinue Reading


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