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The following classes are available to be scheduled privately, for your family, educational pod, or small group (up to six people). Contact to scheduling a class!


Make Your Own Canoe Paddle
Make Your Own Snowshoes
Ski Coat Rack
Shaker Tool Tray


Best Slippers Ever!
Ecoprinting Silk Scarves
Flat Wet Felting
Newspaper Weaving
Peg Loom Weaving

The Great Outdoors

Basic Bike Maintenance
Basics of Digital Photography
Guided Nature Hike

Around the House

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Swedish Folk Painting: Fantastical Kurbits
Watercolor & Wine


Pressure Canning 101

Regular Classes

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  • June 29, 2021
    5:00 pm

Private Class: Basic Bike Maintenance

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  • July 5, 2021
    5:30 pm

Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail

Perhaps you’re aware of the gem that goes right through our town: the 310+ mile Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), which runs from the Wisconsin border, through Duluth, and heads up the shore to an overlook of Canada, crossing through 8 state parks along the way. Did you also know there are 93 free, shared campsitesContinue Reading
  • July 13, 2021
    10:00 am

Flat Wet Felting

Two-dimensional wet felting is wild and wooly fun! In this class, you will create a 2-D wet felted artwork. You’ll learn both wet felting and needle felting. Felting with a needle is like painting, but with wool and a needle! Felting can be addicting, so watch out! The image design will be completely up toContinue Reading
  • July 24, 2021
    10:00 am

Natural Dyes

We will experiment with natural dye materials you can find in your own back yard and garden, learn how to prepare different dyes, and learn how to use modifiers to expand the range of colors. In this class, you will learn how to find, and how to use local sources of natural dyes including goldenrod,Continue Reading
  • August 2, 2021
    6:00 pm

Ecoprinting Silk Scarves

Plants contain a variety of natural pigments that can be printed directly onto fabrics in a technique called ecoprinting (also known as ‘contact dyeing’). You’ll take a silk scarf, lay out a design in leaves and flowers, and learn how to roll it into a bundle. You’ll take your completed roll home to bake. TheContinue Reading
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  • August 9, 2021
    9:00 am

Duluth Folk School Summer Camp 2021

Our 2021 Summer Camps program is for kids entering 8th – 10th grade this fall. Join us for this fun two week camp where you will build your own canoe paddle, fuse glass, sew with Frost River, make jewelry from silverware, make your own soap, and much more! Our small group will work with professionals artisans to make quality products that will last a lifetime (well, probably not the soap)!
  • September 11, 2021
    12:00 pm

Forest Bathing

Inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, Forest Bathing has been scientifically proven to boost immune strength, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functioning. During a Forest Bathing walk we will have the opportunity to slow down and carefully observe our senses. We may begin to notice incredible things about ourselves and the more-than-human world aroundContinue Reading
  • September 13, 2021
    6:00 pm

Canadian Smocking

Canadian smocking is a hand stitching technique that creates a unique and beautiful folded design on the front of the fabric. You can use your smocked fabric to turn ordinary objects into things of beauty! Your imagination is the only limitation to how you can use your smocked fabric! Registration Includes Instruction and fun inContinue Reading
  • October 20, 2021
    5:30 pm

Crochet a Magic Carpet

Take scraps of fabric and an extra large crochet hook, and you can create your own colorful “magic carpet.” You’ll cut strips, discover a seamless joint, and create a rug in either a traditional oval or an adventurous chevron. Registration Includes The instructor will provide the instruction to make both styles of rug, and youContinue Reading
  • October 23, 2021
    10:00 am

Northern Lights Photography

Have you ever asked yourself… ‘How can I take those cool aurora photos I see on Facebook, and what settings should I use on my DSLR? How do you know when and where to go?’ In this class, you will learn those answers! In a classroom setting, we will discuss camera settings, we’ll about auroraContinue Reading
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  • November 22, 2021
    5:30 pm

Ukrainian-Style Egg Decorating for Christmas

Come learn a centuries-old craft found throughout Eastern Europe! While Ukrainian eggs (pysanky) are traditionally associated with Easter, the art form lends itself well to Christmas as well. Ukrainian eggs, or pysanky, are created using a wax batik method.  We’ll examine traditional design elements, what the colors symbolize, and some of the stories associated withContinue Reading
  • January 10, 2022
    6:00 pm

Building an Appalachian Egg Basket

In this class, you will spend almost two months building an Appalachian Egg Basket! Together we will make hoops, weave rosettes to anchor the frame, and then add ribs to build out the frame. We need to spend so much time incrementally weaving the baskets closed to allow sufficient time for the willow weavers toContinue Reading



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