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Art at Duluth Folk School: In The(ir) Element
March 3, 2022

Art: In The(ir) Element

About this collection Originally, we had planned to show new work in 2020. We were aiming for April of 2020 to present our work, right here in this space. Obviously, that didn’t happen. As everything closed and life changed – and then changed again – we filed the exhibition away in the “someday” category ofContinue Reading
February 9, 2022

Art: Mosaic Muse

Mosaic Muse:  Wearable Wall Art by Serenity Kenan Painted pottery that one wears or displays on the wall walks the line between the personal and the performative; pieces that convey meaning as a sum greater than its parts. Ranging from talismans to tapestry – wearable and wall art serves a significant range of purpose, amongContinue Reading
Build a Canoe with Duluth Folk School
December 30, 2021

Build a Canoe – Youth Program!

Our next Youth Canoe Build is coming soon – things get started on Tuesday, January 4! This canoe build takes place after school Mondays through Thursdays, from January 4 through February 17th at the First Covenant Church in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. This is a free program for youth in the area, from ages 13-18Continue Reading
Give to the Max for Duluth Folk School
November 3, 2021

Give to the Max!

November has been a month of organized charitable giving in Minnesota since 2009, when ‘Give to the Max Day‘ began. We’re thrilled to join the fun of Give to the Max this year! The folk school started as a great idea, and a labor of love. Tim Bates, Bryan French, and Carmel DeMaioribus have spentContinue Reading
Art at Duluth Folk School and Dovetail Cafe
October 5, 2021

Art: From Photos to Fabric

From Photos to Fabric Photo-Inspired Art Quilts by Helen Smith Stone This show runs through the month of October, 2021 Helen has been a quiltmaker for 40 years, generally making quilts designed by another person, or following a printed pattern. Influenced by many local and national artists she admires, Helen has had a burning desireContinue Reading
MEA Weekend Craft Camp at Duluth Folk School
September 28, 2021

MEA Weekend Craft Camp!

During the Thursday and Friday (Oct 21 & 22) of Minnesota’s MEA weekend, the Duluth Folk School will be offering a Craft Camp for kids in the 3rd – 5th grades! Duluth Folk School’s Craft Camp provides campers with an opportunity to use new tools and materials to create their own take home projects! CraftsContinue Reading
September 7, 2021

Art: Neighborhood Youth Art Projects

Come celebrate the work of two youth art groups, Wednesday, September 8th, from 5:30-6:30pm. Kids from the Steve O’Neil Apartments and Damiano Kids’ Kitchen worked for eight weeks on art projects. There were over 30 people (12 families with youth, parents, staff and AmeriCorps Volunteers) from each organization who participated. The art camps focused onContinue Reading
Building a Canoe with Duluth Folk School
August 19, 2021

Building a Canoe: Finished!

On our final day of canoe building, we cut the strings that held the ‘skin’ (ballistic nylon) in place, trimmed the skin back to the gunwales, and made a few other final, last minute clean ups. We took the canoe for a test paddle to make sure it floated (and yes, it floats!), and we’reContinue Reading
Canoe Build July 2021-157
August 9, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 10 (and 11)

After everyone’s COVID tests came back negative (phew!), we got back to work on the final parts of the canoe build, including sizing the fabric to the skeleton of the canoe, sewing everything up, and then applying the goop! Most of the final work was done on Friday, while Dennis from Urban Boatbuilders was stillContinue Reading


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