The Duluth Folk School brings people together to work with their hands, and to learn skills, arts, and crafts that help build a healthy, sustainable community through experiences that are stirring, long-lasting and fun!

Core Values

Community and Inclusion

  • Bringing people together to grow, challenge, and be creative is of utmost importance.
  • We value and promote inclusivity, diversity and equity.


  • We maintain an open and welcoming environment, where all who enter are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We are interconnected through high regard for each other as colleagues, partners, teachers, learners and neighbors.

Learning and Enjoyment

  • We provide opportunities to imagine, create and build with head, hands and heart.
  • We help students learn for personal fulfillment and enjoyment as well as contributing to community.
  • We embrace students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.


  • We value the importance of understanding the intersection of the environment, economics, and social elements of life and strive to behave in a manner that is sustainable.
  • Programming will strive to use local resources and materials as much as possible.

Integrity and Excellence

  • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality and excellence.
  • We conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness and integrity.


Access to opportunities for physically handling objects and tools with your own hands are very important.  Human bodies are designed to manipulate things and it’s a part of who we are.  People enjoy learning, working with their hands, and are excited when something they make turns out well.  This organization will provide experiences that connect with people’s heads (the thinking and planning part of building/repairing), their hands through the actual work that they do, and their heart (by being successful and contributing to their home, their family, or their community).


Duluth Folk School
1917 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55806
(218) 481-7888


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