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Lucie Amundsen with Chicken
April 15, 2017

Backyard Chickens for Beginners

Backyard Chickens for Beginners is a class that’ll give you a poultry primer. You’ll learn the keys for a successful launch of your own adventure into backyard chickens. Learn how to successfully brood chicks, what to consider when building or buying a coop, and tips on flock harmony. During class, you will be engaged inContinue Reading
Nature Journaling with the Duluth Folk School
April 13, 2017

Nature Journaling

In this class, you will get outside and connect with nature through observing and sketching. It’s time to fill up those empty journals and see nature with new eyes! Fully experience the natural world through your senses as we draw and write about plants and animals in the field. You can plan on a morning spent outside connectingContinue Reading
Northern Wilds Magazine
April 9, 2017

Duluth Folk School Story in Northern Wilds

We’d like to extend a big thanks to Duluth author, Eric Chandler, who sat down with one of the Duluth Folk School founders, Bryan French, recently. We have been truly humbled by all the support and encouragement our friends and neighbors have provided, as we work to build the Duluth Folk School into something theContinue Reading
Make Rhubarb Wine with the Duluth Folk School
April 8, 2017

Make Rhubarb Wine

So many of us have rhubarb in our yard. It grows fast, and we try to harvest as much as we can, but sometimes it’s just too much! In this class, you’ll learn how to make rhubarb wine from the bounty in your yard! Make wine from the fruit in your yard. Participants will beContinue Reading
April 7, 2017

Make It Minnesota Contest Results!

We had such a great time partnering with the folks at Make It Minnesota magazine! In case you hadn’t heard, Make It MN contacted us to see if we’d be interested in joining them for an Instagram contest. We gave people a couple weeks to post photos of the things that we are all drivenContinue Reading
Rag Rugs with the Duluth Folk School
March 29, 2017

Rag Rug Making

Scandinavian loop weaving is a simple and durable technique that uses no thread or looms, and turns trash into treasure! First you’ll learn how to make the repeating knot on a practice rug, then you’ll get started on your own rug. You won’t finish a rug during the class, but you will get through theContinue Reading
March 29, 2017

Drops & Dashes: Make Your Own Cocktail Bitters

The folks behind the cocktail room at Vikre Distillery want to help you upgrade your home cocktail game! Join Emily Vikre (Co-founder, President and Arbiter of Taste) Chelsy Whittington (Visitor Experience & Events Manager) and Nicholas Pascuzzi (Head Bartender) as they help you learn how to make your own bitters! Nick, Emily and Chelsy willContinue Reading
Grafting with the Duluth Folk School
March 25, 2017

Grafting Hardy Apple Trees

Grafting apple trees is a magical experience. You can take a small twig from your favorite apple tree, graft it onto hardy roots, and in a few years (depending on the type of root stock), you’ll have a tree that produces those same, tasty apples. In the class, you’ll learn basic grafting techniques and howContinue Reading
Create a Greenland Kayak Paddle with the Duluth Folk School
March 22, 2017

Craft Your Own Greenland Kayak Paddle

During this class you will take a piece of lumber, some simple shop tools, and a lot of elbow grease to create the narrow-bladed Greenland paddle that you have heard sea kayakers raving about! You will also learn about the history and paddling benefits of the Greenland paddle. You will leave this class with aContinue Reading


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