Canoe Build July 2021-157
August 9, 2021

Building a Canoe, Day 10 (and 11)

After everyone’s COVID tests came back negative (phew!), we got back to work on the final parts of the canoe build, including sizing the fabric to the skeleton of the canoe, sewing everything up, and then applying the goop!

Most of the final work was done on Friday, while Dennis from Urban Boatbuilders was still in town, including stretching the skin, sewing everything up and Dennis giving us last-minute pointers before heading home to St. Paul. Once the skin was stretched, we let it sit and dry over the weekend. On Monday, we mixed the goop (technically, it’s called “Corey’s Urethane System”), and then slathered it over the boat. We’ll let it sit overnight, and then tomorrow, we’ll install the gunwales (also called ‘rub rails’). Once those are in place, we’ll let the boat cure for the rest of the week, and then it’ll be ready for the water!

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This program is made possible with the generous support of our partners and supporters, including:

Urban Boatbuilders

Building Boats, Launching Lives

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