Naomi Christenson Artwork
August 28, 2020

Art: Naomi Christenson

As part of the reopening of the Dovetail Cafe & Marketplace, we are happy to welcome Naomi Christenson’s art to our walls!

Come down and see Naomi Christenson’s art at the Dovetail Cafe!

Naomi is a multi-disciplinary artist inspired by natural patterns. She creates detailed and playful riffs from those patterns in visual, wearable, and performance art.

“The way patterns repeat in plants and animals – from the freckle pattern on the skin of an octopus to the reptitive shapes of a hundred lily pads together in a pond – is endlessly interesting to me. Pattenrs being so varied in design and existing aboslutely everywhere in nature, the universality of that, intrigues me conceptually.

“Each piece that I create celebrates the lines, colors, and intimate spaces of a natural organism or collection of organisms in their environment.”

See more of Naomi’s work at or follow her on Instagram at @naomi_christenson_art

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