Duluth Folk School Searches for a New Home
August 2, 2019

Searching for Home

The Duluth Folk School, founded in 2016, has experienced significant growth, thanks to tremendous support from the community, our instructors, and the thousands of students who have come through our doors.

We are outgrowing our home in Lincoln Park, the home we share with the Dovetail Cafe. We love being part of the mixture of food and music and community, but when the Dovetail Cafe is busy, folk school classes can be challenging. Some of you have experienced this – lots of noise, and hubbub, and energy. It’s fun, but it can make it difficult to focus.

Additionally, we have been unable to offer many of the classes we’ve always hoped to offer, like longer-term classes, or classes that require a significant spreading out, or classes that require specialized equipment or setup. We love our Lincoln Park home, and will continue holding classes and events there. But to better serve the community, we’ve also begun looking for a Rural Campus!

The Duluth Folk School is looking for a large piece of land in Duluth that will allow us to grow for the next 100 years.

Our dream vision would include lots of space for gardens, trails, and workshops, a barn, and access to water (river or lake), sugar bush, and room to grow and welcome the community and region! It is our hope that our future farm campus will also allow us to partner with craft and art organizations that don’t currently have good homes of their own.

Since we are already so heavily invested in our Lincoln Park location, we hope to find a partner or a special arrangement that will allow us to begin offering classes at this new location using mostly sweat equity.

Do you know of a farm, or piece of land – with a Duluth mailing address – that might fit what we’re looking for? If so, please contact folk school Director, Bryan French at bryan@duluthfolkschool.com.

Wish us luck!


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