Eli Sagor Photo
June 16, 2016

Meet Your Northwoods Neighbors: Basic Tree ID

Eli Sagor PhotoClose your eyes and picture your favorite place in northern Minnesota. We’d be willing to bet that trees are part of that picture. Trees give us color, shade, food, leaves to jump in, and a source of heat. Trees can also tell us a lot about our favorite places: What the soil is like, how nature and people have influenced the place, how the land is changing, and more. But do you know your trees? Can you name our four native pines, or tell a pine from a spruce? Quickly tell aspen from birch, sugar maple from red? If not, this class can get you started. When we wrap up, you’ll not only know most of these species, but more importantly you’ll know how to figure them out again on your own.

Join University of Minnesota forester Eli Sagor, as we walk through lower Lester Park and get to know some of our Northwoods neighbors.

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