Tone Coughlin

Tone Coughlin is the owner of Endurance Kennels, LLC. He has been working with human athletes since 1998 with his first coaching job at Marshall School helping out with the cross country ski team. He later moved on to coach swimming, as the head coach of the North Shore Swim Club, Cloquet-Esko-Carlton Girls Swimming, and he is one of the founders of Duluth Marshall Boys Swimming. During that time he raced (1997-2009) as an elite amateur cyclist (road, track, cyclocross, mountain) all over North America and a few races in Central America competing with riders that raced in the Tour de France. He also is competitive at running, triathlon, swimming, and xc-skiing, having completed over 700 events.

His first dog was Helena, a retired Alaskan Husky. He picked up Toivo in 2006 as an 8 week old puppy who later started skijoring and bikejoring with him. In his free time he enjoys photography, archery hunting for big game, grouse hunting, fishing, spending time with the dogs, and training himself.

Endurance Kennels, LLC is an effective sprint racing sled dog kennel focusing on high quality vs. high quantity in training and dogs breeding our own vs. purchasing from various kennels. We compete in a variety of sleddog sport events including; 6-dog mid-distance, bikejoring, scooter, canicross, 6 and 4-dog cart/rig, 10, 8, 6, 4-dog limited class and Open Class sled. Our dog breeds are Eurohounds and Hound Crosses which are consisted of English Shorthaired Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Greyhound, and Alaskan Huskies. We also gives rides and tours, so get in touch!

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