Jackie Kedrowski

Jackie Kedrowski


I remember the scents floating on the air from living and working in biodiverse areas in the world. The loamy smell of the soil after a rain was familiar, but the plant diversity which thrived and the fragrance of flowers which dispensed beauty and energy was mysterious. It is very apparent to me that we are all connected to nature. It is a vital element to our health and well-being. ‘Why?’ – A little word that is voiced by so many small children is what put me on a path to obtain some answers through obtaining a Certificate of Aromatherapy.

I have had the pleasure of teaching many early childhood and parent education classes in Minnesota and Hawaii since 1990. Now, through obtaining the Aromatherapy Certification, I am looking forward to presenting information, as well as fun and useful natural products for you to nourish and support yourself and your family.

Sincerely and Mahalo,


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Duluth Folk School
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