Photo of Greg Ash, Duluth Folk School instructor

Greg Ash

My passion for photography started after my first seminar from National Geographic‘s Jim Brandenburg almost 30 years ago. His take-home message was “learning to shoot where you are at.” Over the years, I have enjoyed taking photos of nature, wildlife and macro photography. After witnessing the overhead Aurora Borealis in Iceland, my passion has turned into an obsession.

I currently chase the northern lights consistently in all weather, here in the Twin Ports, and generally in northern Minnesota. On May 5th, 2018, my capture of a rare overhead aurora, a ‘STEVE’ (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement), was featured in both the Ely Echo newspaper, and nationally on This last year, four of my Minnesota images were featured internationally on, and on Kare 11 news in the Twin Cities. You can see those images here:

We are blessed to have many opportunities throughout the year in Minnesota, and I will teach you how, where and when to shoot the amazing aurora borealis.

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