Emily Moe

Emily Moe has been teaching millinery arts for more than five years. She studied in Chicago with Eva Nye at Lillstreet Art Centre and participated in a one on one intensive in Ireland with Lina Stein at her highly regarded Westport School. Her hats range from the simple and elegant porkpie to elaborate concoctions of silk, feathers and handmade flowers. She loves millinery because it allows her to indulge in her obsession to know how to make anything and everything: all of it can in some way become part of her hats.

In addition to her hat creation talents, Emily has also been a music teacher for close to 25 years. In that world, she has assisted in the creation of dozens of happy students—always working to create individuals that love music of all kinds.

She recently returned from a one-year master’s program in Ireland where the focus of her study was Community Music. She arrived unaware that this meant a year studying things that terrify her: namely singing, composition, and improvisation. These are areas that most classical piano teachers do not touch without a strong sense of panic. Nevertheless, she touched them and she figured out ways to enjoy them. She feels as if her fear makes her a better teacher, better able to understand how her students feel. Community Music seeks to engage people in the creation of music. Participation is the key, not perfection.



Duluth Folk School
1917 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55806
(218) 481-7888


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