Courtney Cochran

Courtney (she/they) is a queer, gender nonconforming, plant freak living on 16 acres of occupied Anishinaabe land near Knife River, Minnesota. Courtney comes from a white, Celtic, mixed European ancestry and always works to bring in ancestral plants into their practice. Courtney has been listening to and learning from plants their entire life, but she has been intentionally studied herbs since 2018. Courtney is a passionate gardener, forager, food preservation enthusiast, and chicken caretaker. Courtney grows herbs, worships trees, and regularly cleanses their energy in the freezing cold waters of Lake Superior. With a background in social work and queer liberation organizing work, they come to herbalism with a unique healing lens that weaves a community of plant, animal, and human relations into your healing journey. Courtney is the herbalist behind Alseth Acres Apothecary and hosts herbal consultations for client on their land and in remote (phone/video call) options and is a passionate wildcrafter of herbal products for self and community care.

Courtney has studied herbalism via Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center, Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine, and Twin Star Herbal Center. Courtney is a certified Clinical Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner. Courtney gives thanks to the herbalism mentors they have had including Lupo Passero & Gigi Stafne. They also want to give endless gratitude to the queer and trans herbalists reviving herbs for trans wellness and openly and freely sharing this knowledge online so often. So thank you to Violet Moon, Ayelet Hashachar, Emilano Lemus, Sun English, Jr. and so many more amazing queer and trans herbalists!

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