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My name is Clayton Johnson and I live in Albert Lea, Minnesota even though I grew up in the northeastern part of the state near Duluth. I started carving in a serious way in 2005 when I began working on a miniature of the 17th century Swedish warship Vasa, which has been called the most accurate in the world by the research staff at the Vasa Museum. Since completing that project in 2012 I have carved all kinds of things, from small jewelry to large furniture projects and parts for house remodels. As a result of all of this there are around 830 carved items in my house. In the past few years I have also gotten into pyrography, which is the art of burning pictures onto wood along with blacksmithing. I also make wine.

For a living I do not make and sell art as many people assume, but rather work as a scientist in natural resources for the Federal Government. My career there is now well over 21 years long. I have a wife, Amy and a 9 year old son named Magnus. My son is also interested in art to an extent and paints pictures.

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