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Angela Krick

I am Angela Krick and I explore all things with plants.  My husband, three kids, and I have been working with gardens, food and herbals since 2009.  It all started with square-foot gardening and eating.  Here we are 10 years later, continuing to learn new things every season.

Our goals and interests are in the principles of permaculture, how to work with food in healthful ways, and getting to know the health and medicinal benefits of the herbs around us.  Our experiences have led us to Farmer’s Markets, teaching classes, and hands-on projects within the community.  Our favorite thing in the world is to give a garden tour.

For the Duluth Folk School, I’d like to share what we do with fermented foods, especially that of cabbage found in the famous dish called Kim-chi.  In 2007, I spent 6 months in South Korea teaching English and came home to make Kim-chi the Minnesota way.  It’s tasty, it’s biting, and brilliant.  It’s also packed with health benefits and probiotics.  Secondly, and over the more recent years, I have been taking herbal courses and expanding my knowledge, connection and respect for Nature, our herbal friends – whether be a leaf, flower, berry, root, strip of bark, fungi, mushroom, lichen or the whole plant.  Passionately, I love to gather with folks who like to talk about herbs, which we do a few times each month. When one comes to visit for a garden tour, they get an introduction to herbalism.


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