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Canoe Restoration Series

Help us bring this well used Rehbein Canoe back to its full paddling strength! Folks are welcome to drop-in and take part in the restoration of this classic 1964 Rehbein Canoe, made of wood and fiberglass. These sessions are FREE and open to ages 13 and up. Join the Duluth Folk School in restoring thisContinue Reading
Severio Mancieri at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Severio Mancieri

Come on down to the folk school to enjoy free live music! Severio Mancieri is a singer-songwriter from Duluth Minnesota. Combining a myriad of influences to create his own bluesy folk sound, his vocals and guitar playing will be sure not to disappoint as his playing will remind you of Leo Kottke or Stevie RayContinue Reading
Brew Your Own Kombucha at the Duluth Folk School

Make Your Own Kombucha!

What the heck is kombucha, and how do I make it?? Okay, so you’re tired of paying $5 a bottle at the store and you want to make your own kombucha, right? Or maybe you don’t even know what the heck kombucha is, but someone told you it’s good for you and you want toContinue Reading
Lee Colorblind Johnson at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Lee “Colorblind” Johnson & Friends

Lee “Colorblind” Johnson has been playing music in Duluth and the region for years. Now that he’s retired, he’s inviting folks to come on down for a fun musical afternoon! Sit back and enjoy a whole bunch of creative music, or bring your instrument down and join in for a few minutes or a fewContinue Reading


Come join us for Kidsing! Kidsing is a free, one-hour community-based opportunity for kids of all ages to sing secular (non-religious) songs in a group setting. Led by local music teacher (and Dovetail Cafe barista!) Catherine Grimm, kids of all ages will learn songs from around the world and down the street, including hand clappingContinue Reading
Slow Jam at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Slow Jam

Bring your guitar, your ukulele, your fiddle, or your didgeridoo, and join us for a free Slow Jam, led by local musician, Kyle Ollah! Q. What’s a slow jam? A. At a slow jam, all acoustic instruments (e.g., banjo, mandolin, bass, etc.) are welcome. The typical format is that we sit in a circle andContinue Reading
Old Time Music Jam Session at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Old Time Music Jam Session

Come on down for a free jam session at the folk school! Play along, or just sit back and listen to old chestnuts and local favorites, played by the usual suspects in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to play along, listen, and on occasion, dance! Sponsored by “A Time to Dance”
Kaylee Matuszak at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Kaylee Matuszak

Come down to the folk school for a free show! Kaylee Matuszak is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota. A self-taught guitar player who is inspired by Brandi Carlile, Kaylee debuted her talent in a local music store and was quickly on the bill for her first Homegrown Music Festival in 2015, where sheContinue Reading
Greg Herriges at the Duluth Folk School

Music: Greg Herriges

Greg Herriges creates a stirring mix of original and traditional “progressive world music” on guitar, voice, and bouzouki (Greek lute). An award-winning composer and performer, he spins new webs out of everything from Indian ragas and Turkish folk to Japanese court music and American surf-jazz. he is also an author of music books and soundtracksContinue Reading


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