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Viðar Skrede

Vidar Skrede is a Nordic folk musician and teacher from Haugesund, Norway, currently living in Milwaukee, WI. He is a performer and a teacher of Harding-fiddle, fiddle, and guitar. He has a background in traditional music from his home area, Rogaland (South West of Norway) and has a master’s degree in performing Nordic folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Vidar has numerous bands, projects, and record albums behind him, both in Scandinavia and in America. He has received nominations and awards for his albums in both Norway and Finland. He has toured all the Nordic countries, Scotland, Canada and the United States, and he has performed with a wide range of artists, such as Arja Saijonmaa (FI), Kevin Henderson (UK), Liz Carroll (US), Bruce Molsky (US), Natalie Haas (US), to mention a few artists outside of his own tradition.

Vidar is a leading musician on the Nordic folk music scene and is well known for his own tune creations across the scene; played and recorded by many artists besides himself.

Vidar Skrede and Patrik Ahlberg grew up in Norway and Sweden, respectively, in the folk music scene of Scandinavia. We both have extensive background in performing, recording, and teaching our traditional music in both Scandinavia and in America. We first met as immigrants in Chicago in 2016, which was the beginning of our duo, Lynx Lynx.

Together we perform traditional tunes from our home countries, along with our original compositions, across various combinations of fiddles, harding fiddles, guitars, and a mandolin.


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