Duluth Folk School Instructor Kathy Raue Maas

Kathy Raue Maas

I have a Fine Arts degree from UW-Milwaukee. After a career in the digital world of graphic design and marketing I returned to my love of drawing and was hooked on the versatility of colored pencil. The medium is affordable, portable, requires no special equipment or solvents, and you can attain a variety of effects from soft focus to photorealism.

Nature is the inspiration for most of my work but I am also interested in architecture and drawing historic buildings. For 35 years I have drawn an historic church for my Christmas card. I retired to Duluth where I have an expansive view of Lake Superior and am inspired by the changing colors of the lake and sky in every season.


Duluth Folk School
1917 W Superior St
Duluth, MN 55806
(218) 481-7888


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