Helen Smith Stone

My first experience with needle and thread was at the age of eight, when my mother taught me how to hand-embroider. Later, I became interested in sewing with a sewing machine and my journey of working with fabric and thread began. Home Economics and 4-H classes propelled me forward into sewing my own clothing; but, when I saw my grandmother’s collection of quilts, I was smitten! I knew that’s what I really wanted to learn how to create. Many years later, I took a class and made my first quilt – a baby quilt for my son. From there, quiltmaking became my passion and my art form. I have been making quilts for over 40 years and have made more than 45 quilts.

I am and have always been a “maker”. As an educator and an artist who works with fabric and thread, I find great joy in helping others learn new things. With that in mind, I created and presented three big quilt show conferences at the DECC – in 2002, 2004, and 2006…Quilting on the Waterfront. Later, I presented several smaller quilt shows at the Inn on Lake Superior Conference Center. My goals with those shows was to educate, inspire, and promote quiltmaking as another form of art. I am still working on those same goals.


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