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December 20, 2016

Timber Framed Sawhorses

Learn timber framing techniques with the Duluth Folk School, while you build a sturdy white pine sawhorse. This type of timber framing comes from the German tradition, where a full scale layout is drawn up, which serves to mark timbers for compound angles. The beauty is that all the measurements are very simple and theContinue Reading
December 9, 2016

Duluth Folk School Flyer for December 2016

The Duluth Folk School has a lot of great classes coming up. Registering a friend or loved one for an upcoming class makes a great gift! Click the flyer to see a full list of upcoming classes: We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming class!
December 7, 2016

Rug Making with the Duluth Folk School

Would you like to learn rug making with the Duluth Folk School? Then you’re in luck! We have a new class open for registration – Rag Rug Making! Scandinavian loop weaving is a simple and durable technique that uses no thread or looms, and turns trash into treasure! Bring old bed sheets or other fabricContinue Reading
December 1, 2016

Catching the Buzz: Beekeeping for Beginners

In ‘Catching the Buzz: Beekeeping for Beginners,’ you will learn what is required (time, effort, cost) to manage honeybees in northern Minnesota. You’ll also learn basic beekeeping skills, hive placement, different types of honey bees, what tools to use, and personal protection options. You will also assemble your own Langsroth hive from a kit, andContinue Reading
November 30, 2016

Shape Note Singing

Shape note music is authentic American Roots music with its origins in New England in the mid-1700s. It’s called “shape note” because the note heads are different shapes, an innovation intended to help unschooled singers read the music more easily. This style of singing has a very distinctive old-timey sound, with four-part harmonies, strong rhythms,Continue Reading
November 23, 2016

Create Custom Designed Holiday Gift Bags

In this class we’ll create 5 holiday gift bags in three different sizes. The course is appropriate for non-crafters (beginners) as well as those who are comfortable with paper-crafting. Templates will be provided, but you are welcome to be creative and come up with your own designs! Various techniques will be used, including stamping, paperContinue Reading
November 23, 2016

Make Your Own Gift Tags

With the holidays fast approaching, take an evening for yourself and learn to create some beautiful hand-made gift tags that you can use to add a personalized and homey touch to your gift giving! In this class we’ll create 10 holiday gift tags. The course is appropriate for non-crafters (beginners), as well as those whoContinue Reading
November 15, 2016

Learning Folk Guitar

We have a new class open for registration: Learning Folk Guitar! Whether you want to kick-start your fantasy of being a freewheeling 60’s folk-singer, or just hope to become a stronger guitarist for any genre of music, the folk-method can be an empowering approach when applied to learning the guitar. We will be focusing onContinue Reading
November 7, 2016

Hat Making Class!

In this hat making class you will create one hat, from start to finish! You can select from one of many designs available from the instructor. Creating a hat includes the blocking, stitching, trimming and lining. You can select from a cloche, a fedora, a top hat or several other designs. For more information andContinue Reading


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