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Mark adjusting front derailleur
June 29, 2016

Drive Train

We have another class in our popular series about taking care of your bicycle! This bicycle maintenance class focuses on the drive train: your chain, your front derailleur and your rear derailleur.  We’ll shift into proper adjustment and care of your derailleurs, chain maintenance and chain removal. When class is over, you’ll have a smoothContinue Reading
Examples of Knitting
June 26, 2016

Knitting Foundations

Are you ready to learn to knit? In this class you will learn the basics of knitting, including the rib and stockinette stitches, you’ll learn how to decrease stitches, and by the end, you will leave with the skills to knit your very own lightweight hat (and depending on your speed, you may even finishContinue Reading
Eli Sagor Photo
June 16, 2016

Meet Your Northwoods Neighbors: Basic Tree ID

Close your eyes and picture your favorite place in northern Minnesota. We’d be willing to bet that trees are part of that picture. Trees give us color, shade, food, leaves to jump in, and a source of heat. Trees can also tell us a lot about our favorite places: What the soil is like, howContinue Reading
WTIP Radio
June 16, 2016

Duluth Folk School Interviewed on WTIP

Bryan here. A few weeks ago, one of the announcers up at WTIP, an excellent radio station up in Grand Marais, called me and said he wanted to talk about ‘this new Duluth Folk School’ he’d been hearing about. On the one hand, I’m always excited for an opportunity to talk about the Duluth FolkContinue Reading
Wheel Repair
June 15, 2016

It’s All About the Wheels!

Our last bike repair class was so popular, it sold out!  However, the one request we kept hearing was for more specific bike repair topics. This new series will begin with ‘It’s all about the wheels!’ In this class we’ll explore and practice all things related to your bicycle’s wheels, from fixing flats to truingContinue Reading
June 15, 2016

Making Poetry

Poetry instructor Jan Chronister says: “I like to use the metaphor that writing a good poem is like making a quality piece of furniture: You can make furniture out of old used pallets, or you can make it out of fine hardwood polished to a sheen. I enjoy helping poets craft a good poem thatContinue Reading
June 15, 2016

Make your own black ash ‘Blueberry Basket’

We are very fortunate to have local basket maker and long-time basketry teacher Mark Boyce teaching our upcoming class, “Make your own black ash ‘Blueberry Basket!’” In this class, you will make a blueberry picking basket from strips of black ash that have been pounded off an ash tree. We’ll use mostly beginner techniques andContinue Reading
June 15, 2016

Tim and Andrew’s Top Circular Saw Tips

Set up your work so that the piece being cut off can fall away and not bind the saw blade Use a guide for your saw’s base plate – this could be a framing square or a homemade jig, so you can follow a straight, square line. Stabilize the material with clamps to your sawContinue Reading
June 15, 2016

Bike Mechanic Mark’s Top Tips

Mark Lavalier, our Bike Maintenance instructor’s tips for taking care of your bike: Check your tire pressure using a gauge. Keep your bike CLEAN! Lube chain regularly and have the hubs checked annually. Check your brakes before heading out and replace brake pads before they are worn out.


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