Glass cutting at the Duluth Folk School
May 13, 2022

Glass Cutting 101

  •  August 6, 2022
     10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Once upon a time, cutting glass was considered a fairly basic skill. Today, when a person needs a specific-sized piece of glass, we often call the hardware store or glass shop. Whether you want to use glass in projects of your own, or if you are just curious how this task is done, this basic skills class is for you!

You’ll be introduced to basic glass-cutting tools and supplies, and will learn to cut straight lines and curves. We will cover safety and you will learn how to handle and cut glass safely. You will try your own hand at cutting glass, and hopefully overcome the common fear of glass. You will also learn more advanced techniques for cutting difficult shapes using the same basic tools.

Glass cutting at the Duluth Folk School

*Although we will give lots of instruction on the safe handling of glass, it is entirely likely that someone in the class may end up cutting themselves and bleeding. The instructor will have band-aids on hand, but if you are squeamish about blood, or if you have a condition where bleeding is problematic, the class may not be for you.

As part of the class we’ll cover lots of glassy topics including glass types, a bit of glass history, the tools of the trade, safety and handling of glass, and basic glass cutting techniques and tips. You’ll get plenty of hands-on glass cutting experience in the class too. Once we all understand the basics, I’ll demonstrate more advanced cutting methods for complex shapes, and how the skills can be applied to stained glass and other crafts like bottle cutting.

Registration Includes

Instruction and lots of opportunities to cut glass. Everyone will go home with a quality glass cutter (value $10).

Skill Level

Absolutely no glass cutting experience is needed to take this class. We’ll start from the beginning. We will be cutting clear window glass in the class, but the skills are applicable to stained glass as well.

Best for Ages…

18 and older

You should bring…

If you have a favorite pair of safety glasses, you should bring them (we’ll also have safety glasses available). Students must wear long pants and closed shoes.

Feedback from previous Glass Cutting 101 classes:

“Elden is very thorough, organized and patient with a lot of experience that was easily shared~ I learned a lot and got practical information.”

“I finally learned how to cut glass. Could not have asked for a better teacher!”

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