Clancy Ward Fundraiser at the Duluth Folk School
March 13, 2019

Clancy Ward Fiddle Fundraiser

  •  March 24, 2019
     1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Clancy Ward’s beloved fiddle was stolen recently, while he was traveling and playing music in Portland, Oregon. We’re hosting a fundraiser show, to help raise money to get a fiddle back in Clancy’s hands!

Featuring Sonja Bjordal, Jamie Ness, Kyle Ollah, Sugar on the Roof and more!

– $10 suggested donation –

Clancy has been giving his time, talents, energy and music to the Duluth/Superior region for 20 years.

Clancy Ward Fundraiser at the Duluth Folk School

The people whose lives he’s touched are many and diverse; if you’re reading this, you are almost certainly one of them. This is the place to thank and honor Clancy by donating to this campaign to raise money for him to commission and purchase a new fiddle and bow.

“If he has no friends and everything’s against him
If he’s failed in everything he has tried
Try to lift his load and help him bear his burden
Let him know that you are walking by his side
If he feels that all is lost and he has fallen
Help to place this poor man’s feet on solid ground
And when this world has turned its back against him
Always lift him up and never knock him down”

To know Clancy is to understand that this is pretty much how Clancy rolls. He’s the first person to offer to help, lend a tool, share his knowledge, give the benefit of the doubt, do a favor, listen compassionately, or share a meal. Whether you know Clancy as a musician, a dancer, a craftsman, a collaborator, or most preciously, as a friend, you know that he’s worthy of all the care and support we can give. Let’s show him that no petty act of theft can take away the circle of love and community that enfolds him, and it will always lift him up.

You can visit the Go Fund Me page here:



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