Canoe Building & Canoe Paddles

This is a unique opportunity for teens to gain woodworking experience and learn transferable skills by building a skin-on-frame style canoe that can be used to access and connect with their environment.

This program began with the intention to bridge opportunity gaps among youth who may have limited access to high quality hands-on learning experiences as well as access to nature, outdoor education, and environmental stewardship. So far, youth have built three canoes and worked on dozens of paddles, all of which has been made possible by the generous support of Urban Boat Builders, Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation, and Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

With the guidance of a qualified instructor trained in both the fabrication methods and positive youth development practices, youth will gain technical skills and strengthen social-emotional, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that are transferable to daily life and future endeavors.

If you’d like to bring this program to your school or youth program site, email Erika to discuss cost, timeframe, and logistics.

You can help support this program: Donate (money/resources), Sponsor a Build (purchase the boat & we’ll make it for you), or Volunteer.

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