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2020 Winter Break

Winter Break Camp
Age: 5 to 14 years oldWinter Break Camp at Duluth Folk School

Play this winter break at the Duluth Children’s Museum & Duluth Folk School Winter Day Camps! Our camps provide extended fun and hands-on learning. Play lets us use our imaginations, encourages creativity, gets bodies moving, and is FUN!

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2020 Summer Camps

Art & Nature CampDuluth Folk School Art & Nature Camp

Age: Entering 3rd – 5th grade
Up to 10 campers

Art & Nature Camp is designed to inspire creativity while working with wood, fabric, and natural harvested materials.

Campers will participate in projects including building projects, nature crafts, homemade games, and many other fun traditional and modern activities.  A week of fun, creativity, hands-on activities, and discovery.

Expect fun and unique and meaningful creative projects!

Handcrafting CampHandcrafting Camp at the Duluth Folk School
Age: Entering 6th – 8th grade
Up to 10 campers

In Handcrafting Camp, kids will build using real tools. Create fun take-home projects and work as a group to create a community-based project.

Handcrafting Camp is about learning handcrafting skills and being creative. We will see how professionals create world-class products with behind-the-scenes tours of local handcrafting businesses in the Lincoln Park Craft District.

A fantastic camp for kids that like to be active and do things with their hands!

Woodworking Camp: Canoe PaddleWoodworking Camp at the Duluth Folk School
Age: Entering 9th – 12th grade
Up to 9 campers

In Woodworking Camp: Canoe Paddle, students will learn woodworking skills and techniques through a week-long canoe paddle building project!

High school-aged participants will build a canoe paddle from start to finish. Along the way, everyone will learn about types of wood, woodworking tools & techniques, and will decorate a paddle they made themselves!

The week will culminate in using our newly made paddles on the St. Louis River using a large, voyageur-style canoe, provided by Day Tripper of Duluth. Everyone will have the opportunity to paddle the big voyageur canoe, and have a fantastic time on the water!

A fun week of discovery, new friends, and creativity!

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